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Thread: Newbie with MXT

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    Newbie with MXT

    Iím new bought this MXT with 2 coils Eclipse 950 and 5.3 does it matter which one to start with Iíve played with both and I can find trash 🤡 or does it matter which would be best for a rookie Thanks

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    Sorry, I'm not familiar with your machine, but if you want to start finding good coins and relics, Location is the key!!!!
    Look for the older houses and parks.
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    Iíve located a couple spots where a couple old houses were tore down 25 years ago also thought about hitting the grass area between sidewalk and street in our town

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    Sounds like you're on the right track. I look forward to your posts and welcome to the group!

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    Curb strips can be a great place find old coins. The bigger coil will go a bit deeper than the smaller one which can be a good thing. The smaller one is usually best for the trashy areas where you want to find the good stuff in between the trash targets.

    Best advice I received when I started was to swing slow and keep your coil low.
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    Hello ss426.

    Welcome aboard and to a great hobby ( may be profession?).

    To me the MXT is one of the best all purpose turn on and go detectors in the market, even if it has it's years.
    I for mine would start with the std. 950 ish coil and use the small one in trashy areas littered with man made iron.
    Think you'll hit the goodies in very short time and looking forward to your posts about them.

    Good Luck & Happy Hunting

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