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Thread: Large cent knda day...

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    Large cent knda day...

    Hit a new spot today...Name:  DSCN0665.jpg
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Size:  49.2 KBName:  DSCN0666.jpg
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Size:  53.2 KBName:  DSCN0667.jpg
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Size:  47.7 KBName:  DSCN0668.jpg
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Size:  46.6 KBName:  DSCN0670.jpg
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    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
    Trust in the Lord...

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    Nice group of keepers, best of luck in 2019
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    And she's a beauty too! Congrats
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    Nice. Is that anchor button military ?
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    Don't know how I missed this! She in GREAT shape!! I have to say though, she's the ugliest of the miss liberties
    Although the Barber series does look like Mr liberty.
    Seems like you're going to go back there!!! Congrats on the finds and the new spot!

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    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
    Trust in the Lord...

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    Nice late date LC Calabash! I'm sure that one rang your ears off. Those late date Braided Hairs ring up like a 90 on my AT Pro.

    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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    I think it was on edge till I cut it out the hole. Signal was kinda funky at first but cleaned up when I cut the plug. A coin hits very hard on my Deus and Equinox.
    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
    Trust in the Lord...

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    Congrats on the LC. Beautiful coin!
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    Nice Large Cent! Love the button too.
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    Beautiful old Large Cent! I bet it was fun to find. Nice button and Barber Dime too!

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    Whatcha know bout that button?

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    Jacksonian is what my partner called it.
    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
    Trust in the Lord...

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