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Thread: My first hunt of 2019

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    My first hunt of 2019

    Back in the first part of January we had some pretty mild weather and the ground thawed for a short period. I was itching to get out so I headed to my go to spot, the old grove. As usual it did not disappoint me. I managed to find my first 3 silvers of the year and one Buffalo nickel. The first silver of the year was a 1909 Barber dime. I followed that up with 36 and 17 Mercs. The Buffalo was is a 1916. It sure felt good to get out for a January hunt but it didn’t last long before we were back in the deep freeze. Good luck to everyone in the new year.
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    It definitely was a bonus the first part of January. Congrats on the nice finds. From the looks of it we are paying dearly for the late winter. Come on SPRING. WD
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    Looks like a great start to the year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wisconsin digger View Post
    It definitely was a bonus the first part of January. Congrats on the nice finds. From the looks of it we are paying dearly for the late winter. Come on SPRING. WD
    Seems that way don't it!

    That's a heck of a day in June or September!
    Outstanding day for January!
    Way to go Jeff! Congrats!
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    Wish I had a special spot to go to LOL. Very nice start for the year congrats!

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    That is one solid January hunt!

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    Nice start to the year sir. Just hit 49 degrees here in Milwaukee. Let's start the 2nd 12" melt in 2 weeks.
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    Excellent detecting job for a day in January. Great start to the new year.
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