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Thread: Fisher F22 review

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    Fisher F22 review

    Fisher F22 review
    I bought another detector a Fisher F22 from my local dealer, with the 9 inch teardrop coil. I bought a round 7 inch concentric coil to use on it and put the 9 inch teardrop coil on my F5. I had looked at many F22 videos and read the forums on the F22 and F44 units. Very good reviews on most of what I saw.
    I have taken the F22 out 3 times and have found jewelry with it two of the times. The target ID numbers are different than my F5 and F70 so I had tested some coins to get an idea what to look for and listen for in tones.
    With the 7 inch coil is hits harder on nickels and gold items than my F5 and F70. I have detected more gold so far this year than with any other detector I have owned (16 of them).It seems much lighter than the F70 with the 6X4 shooter coil and the F5 with the 10X6 DD coil.
    I have tried the coin mode but it is preset to notch out the items below a nickel (small gold rings and crosses) and large pulltabs ( junk rings) so I use the jewelry mode,that is preset to only notch out iron. It hits good on coins in the jewelry mode. Zincs so far have shown up on the target ID as Zincs with a mid-tone, and copper cents and dimes are very close in numbers, showing only a few numbers different, but in the same range high tones.
    Jewelry, coin, artifact and custom are the modes and you have an option to notch out any section, up to dimes/copper cents. In custom mode you can set any of the 4 tones to any target section. You can adjust the volume and can adjust where the iron targets are at a low volume or up to volume 10.It has adjustable sensitivity and the settings stay the in memory when you turn the detector off, so when you turn it back on it is set like you last set it. It automatically ground tracks.
    It is easy to adjust the settings with the pushpads and is balanced very nicely with the 7 inch round coil or the 9 inch teardrop coil.
    You can use the screw on coils from the Fisher F5, F19 (the DD coils only) and the Teknetics “frat” detectors, Delta 4000, Gamma 6000, Omega 8000/8500 and Alpha 2000, as they all have close to the same frequency. There are some aftermarket coils they offer for the F5/F22/F44 that are larger, so upgrading coils can be an option.
    I am liking the F22 for its lightness and hits hard on nickels and gold items.
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    Had a chance to try one a year ago i found it fun to use and light enough to swing all day, still using my idx and mxt mostly, may pick one up someday HH JIM
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