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Thread: First time out this year

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    First time out this year

    Had a nice new permission all lined up for my first hunt this year BUT found myself glued to the TV watching Tiger win the masters so didnít have the time to drive the hour, headed to a spot that doesnít disappoint. First signal was this infantry coat button, Iíve found 2 coat and 1 cuff in the same location. Itís obv a burn pit but it gives the buttons a nice dark color and preserved the detail, searched that area slow slow slow , managed another coat button and a small brass button with a floral design, back mark is French dates 1820-1880, can only take so long if the constant chatter from the trash pit even though I do manage to squeak out some goodies, moved on and located this small .925 ring, the watch fob Iíve already posted and this small copper piece not sure what it is but itís old added some pics from around the site of the signage and a few tools because I thought they were cool the sickle blade I almost carried out maybe next time? the stone was actually erected in 1882, the gold neckless was found in the parking area with my eyes but it still counts right? Itís 14k! So on the board for this year.
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    Great finds but my favorite is the twin Eagle I buttons!
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    Those Eagle I buttons are awesome! Lots of great find and congrats!
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    That is a great pair of buttons!
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    Great finds! Love the Eagle Buttons.
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    Maybe a small coil will help you catch another button or two! Congrats!!

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    Yup, gotta go slow in those dense iron patches, but that's where the goodies often lie! Really nice detail on the Eagle I buttons. Very nice!

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    Way to sniff out a few more goodies from that site! Oh, and heck yeah the gold counts!
    I like the ring design too!
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    Congrats on the great finds! Not sure if eyeball gold counts, maybe knock It down a notch and call it silver?
    That burn pit may be a good candidate for sifting this summer if its concentrated enough.
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    Congrats, all the buttons are awesome!! Great job!
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    WTG for your 1st outing this year. Those buttons are really great... The gold does count and it also looks like another great item. Have you weighed it yet?
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    Great finds with great pics, Thx for posting WD
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