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Thread: Oh yeah - my first Vermont Copper

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    Oh yeah - my first Vermont Copper

    Hit a few permission fields with my friend here on the forum DavidGC. Finds were rather slow, but did manage my 6th copper of the year toward the very end of the day. It was nearly slick, but after some light cleaning it revealed itself at a Vermont Copper - my first and top bucket lister up to that point. Oh yeah baby! It's worn but I don't really care. Have narrowed it down I think to a Bressett 10, 13, 22 or 23 variety. HH!


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    Nice! I have a VT but can't find a MA!
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    Congrats! It's always a pleasure to find a bucket lister and yours is in great shape. HH, Dave.
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    That is a great coin! Congrats!
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    Congrats on the Vermont , there are many variations of Bressett 10's . I'll give it a look to see if I can spot the type.

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    All I can say is Awesome!!
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    I remember when I found my Vermont you commented that you had yet to dig one. Congrats on finally getting that one off your bucket list.
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    That's great news, John! I'd think if anyone you'd have a few by now.

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    Great coin and ID!!
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    Congrats on the Vermont copper! That is a cool find for sure. I bet you're thrilled to get one off your bucket list.

    All I've found is an Illinois quarter.

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    WTG on the VT!
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    Some day I'll find an Illinois copper.

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    you may have spelled VERMONT wrong. most of them have no T. congrats!
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