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Thread: April's finds...

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    April's finds...

    I had a very nice April. I received a couple new field permissions where I found lots of buttons, most of which were porcelain, and a few other old items. I did not find any coins which I was surprised about but I did get my first Civil War Infantry Cuff button.

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    I had a really cool experience the other day...I drove past a field permission and noticed that the farmer was walking around the old home site where I found 8 coins last year. So I stopped and said hello. We chatted a few and he told me to go down the road to his house which is on the 1876 map and detect it. Always nice when you do not even have to ask and you get a permission! Then I was talking to him about the spot we were standing on and jokingly asked him if he could plow up the area for me....he said sure! So after they harvest the wheat in July he will plow that section up for me! It is only a couple hundred yards away from the farm buildings so it is not that hard for him to do it but still it is a really nice thing for him to do. I wish everyone was like that...I then went to his house and only found a merc and a couple wheats but he came out with a bottled water and some meat sticks for me to snack on.

    Most of the coins I found were in the parks (as usual) includes an old V nik from 1883 and an old indian from 1875. I did find a nice old dog tag too from 1927...I think my oldest prior to this one was from the 1960's.

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    Thanks for looking! Jared
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    Great finds, Jared! lots of very nice coins and relics. I really like the 1927 dog tag! It is very tough to find them that old.

    I bet you can't wait to hit that field after it is plowed. Best of luck!
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    Keep your blood pressure down while waiting on that wheat to be harvested!! Great job!

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    Awesome way to get a permission! Great finds too. Love that old dog tag and silver ring !
    Might offer the farmer a few bucks for fuel if hes going to plow that field. He'll probably refuse it, but it is expensive to run a tractor hard like that.
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    Great batch of coins and relics. Great photo of the relics as all the green really pops. Thx for posting WD
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    I've yet to find an arrow head. Cool finds, Jared!

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    Yeah I have to mention the arrowhead also..... I try to get a display put together for my farm permissions. They really don't expect it but so far they really appreciate it.
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    wow; some great finds there! looks like a lot of fun!
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    Another great month for you. Congrats.
    I'm always amazed at what you find in those parks. Great job!!
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    That is a great tally of coins and relics for April , congrats !
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