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Thread: Seated Park produces more goodies including SLQ

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    Seated Park produces more goodies including SLQ

    Returned to the Park where I got the Seated Dime and had another good outing. I found a SLQ, and really nice 1918 Merc, 1907 V nickel a 1920 Buffalo and another really old Indian 1872. Also picked up a 1940 Canadian penny. I think the Merc and the V were a spill as they were only inches apart. Signals are tough but there seem to be plenty when I take my time. This was a 3 1/2 hour hunt with a total of about 20 coins. Wisconsin Digger
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    WOW, another good haul for you! You're getting a good assortment of coins out of that park. The 1872 indian is a tough one to find too. Keep going slow in the trash and iron and you'll get plenty more I'm sure. Happy digging, Dave.
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    Great hunt!! Very nice assortment of old coins. I know how hard it is to find old coins in parks and you make it look easy.
    Congrats on another great outing!!!
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    Always love to see an SLQ! Great job
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    I love SLQs but that 1872 Indian Head is a rare find! It's one I need to complete my set of dug Indian Heads. That is an awesome park you have there!

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