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Thread: Finds from the past 2 hunts

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    Finds from the past 2 hunts

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    Hi everyone. Here are the finds from my last two hunts. Got out with my good friends from Green
    Mountain Diggers this past Sunday for some cellar hole and field hunting. Then I did a solo field
    hunt on Tuesday. Lots of bits and bobs including a reigns guide, barrel tap, clock key, Victorian
    sash buckle, part of an old slide ruler and a number of buttons.

    Name:  LCs in the field.jpg
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    The cellar hole was the first spot we hit, and amazingly I dug two early Matron LCs on my first two
    targets - just walked to a relatively open site behind the cellar to start things off. Man, you just get
    lucky sometimes! The 1816 (at left) was in better shape, but since I already had one of those I gave it
    to my friends Dad who accompanied us on the trip.

    Name:  Matron combo.jpg
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    Here's a close-up of the 1819 small date Matron.

    Name:  Liberty dime.jpg
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    We also hit a field site later that day and I got my coil over a last date Merc.

    Name:  NJ copper combo.jpg
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    Then on Tuesday I hit a field site in a nearby town for about 3 hours. Finds
    were slow but steady and I pulled my first NJ Copper toward the end of my
    time there so was happy with that. Not sure on a variety.

    Name:  Tombacs and flower button.jpg
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    I also found some nice older tombac buttons there,

    Name:  Button eagle backmark.jpg
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    this plain button with a nice eagle back mark,

    Name:  Hunting button frag.jpg
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    and this interesting fragment of what I'm guessing is an early hunters button with a guy
    holding a deer or hog.

    Name:  Site shot.jpg
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    The fields will be closing down in the next few weeks so I'll probably try and get out
    on those a few more times before it's off to the woods for the summer. Thanks for
    looking and HH to you all!

    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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    So many nice finds, John!!! A NJ copper is still on my list. I'll get one some day. That eagle back button is also very cool!! We didn't get a lot of time on the fields this year as the rain has been non-stop, and we have mostly hay fields. The corn hasn't been planted yet but any day now.

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    Nice bunch of finds there John. Good hit on the NJ. You can actually see a date. Like that eagle back mark.
    Oldest find: 5,000 year old copper spearhead
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    Coolest find: USA button with blue threads still on shank

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