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Thread: A few May Hunts

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    A few May Hunts

    I've only managed 3 hunts so far in May.

    The first time out I dug a 48 Washington and a 41-D Merc.

    The second hunt was after work with Tom ( Hiluxyota). We hit an 1850s house site in a corn field not to far from home.
    No coins, but I dig 2 Crotal bells out there. . Tom dug 3! Can you say crotal bell spill??

    The last hunt was this past Saturday. Noah and I met up with Tony Two-Cent for a little door knocking. It was a slow day for me, but I did manage a 37 Washington, an 1888 Indian, a Rail Road key and a very nice silver ring.

    It's always fun getting together with Tony. I hope we get to do it again soon!!
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    Some nice hunting Don! Saw the video, nice crotal spill! Honestly a bit jealous. Those things are rare as a henway in my area. Only ever found 2 little ones and bits and pieces here and there. Ring up odd, maybe because of the iron pea?
    Great looking ring and key too. Hoping to get out now I have 5 days off before another 6 days of work if the weather cooperates. GL&HH!
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    Nice hunting Don ! I also saw Tom's video on the spill !!!
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    Terrific finds, Don! Those crotal bells are tiny! The railroad key is in great shape, that is a wonderful find.

    That ring is a huge chunk of silver! It must be really well made too as all of the stones are still present.

    It was fun hunting with you as always! Let's not wait 3 months to do it again.

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    Been missing your videos. Nice haul and that is quite the sterling ring. Congrats on all the great recoveries. WD
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    Those are great finds! Is the key from the Penn. Central RR?
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    Wonderful ring Don...congrats sir! Any of the wheats semi-key dates?

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