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Thread: Sunday afternoon

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    Sunday afternoon

    Familiar town not quite hunted out. Surprised with a two quarter spill, one being my long sought after type 1 standing liberty!
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    Great Job Tim. That SLQ is a Stunner!!
    Thanks for giving me the GOOD side of the yard. LOL.
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    Thanks Don. You probably remember I was scared to death I was going to rub it or look at it wrong! Already in plastic so I'm not tempted to clean it any further!

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    Great finds, the was quite the spill. Congrats WD
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    That SLQ is ridiculous! One of the best I have ever seen dug. I'm super jealous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucknut View Post
    That SLQ is ridiculous! One of the best I have ever seen dug. I'm super jealous!
    2 quarters in the same hole. I’m just so happy I didn’t hit it with the shovel! Thanks.

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    That SLQ is spectacular, Tim! WOW! That spill must have happened in 1917 because the dates wore off of those SLQs in no time. That's one of the nicest examples I've seen on this forum.

    You know you've had a great hunt when an 1897 barber Quarter comes in second place.

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    Nicely done!
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    Wonderful silver Tim! Never found an SLQ myself, though alas I only hunt really old field and wood sites.

    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTV Digger View Post
    Wonderful silver Tim! Never found an SLQ myself, though alas I only hunt really old field and wood sites.

    Some day I'm going to your neck of the woods and find some colonial silvers. For now I have to settle for the 20th century LOL. But thanks!

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    Wow, that type 1 is amazing! Great hunt!
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    Thanks buddy. Just glad I rechecked the hole!! I was happy with the barber quarter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Digger_O'Dell View Post
    Wow, that type 1 is amazing! Great hunt!

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    I don't know how I missed this post!!! Excellent!
    I only have a few SLQ and no type I. Congrats!

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    Wow! That Type 1 Standing Liberty is beautiful and a rare find! Congrats!
    XP Deus

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    Just glad my shovel missed it. Have been dreaming of finding one for a while! Thanks! Helps too to take the advice of my detecting bud Don.

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