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Thread: Bucket list and then a surprise

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    Bucket list and then a surprise

    Probably sounds silly but a lot of people have found model T keys but I never did, until now. It was the only thing I found in this yard but Iíll take it!
    A yard or two later I managed a few Indian head pennies and then came a surprise, an 1851 2 Skilling! itís a Swedish coin and I guess it makes sense since my great grandfather C.P. Melgren immigrated to the town from Sweden, founding one of the local churches which is still there. Maybe he dropped it!
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    Awesome finds Noah! I like that Skilling coin. I see you found model T key # 64. They only number 51 through 74. All those millions of Models T cars and only 23 different keys! Here's mine! (I found 3 and 2 were given to me)
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    Congrats! Hey it is possible that your great grandfather dropped which makes that a pretty cool find!

    I have found one of the keys before but I threw it out not knowing what it was. I throw out most of the stuff I find but if I would have known what it was then I would have kept it.
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    WTG on the Skilling!
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    Nice early coin!

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    Congrats on all the nice finds. Your having a good year. Don't think I ever found a ford key but I have to admit I would not know what I was looking at. I'll have to start paying closer attention. Congrats WD
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    Way to go Noah! I've found several model T wheel hub caps, and even a couple sets of ignition points, but never a key. Great find on the coin, with a nice historical link too!
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    Thanks everyone. Kinda feel like my year is starting out rather slow, however still making a few nice firsts. Love to find colonial but I'm in the wrong neck of the woods for that!

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