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Thread: 1890s Silver Pocket Watch

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    1890s Silver Pocket Watch

    I went out door knocking Saturday with Tony Two-Cent & Noah. I didn't do to well on old coins, just a few wheats, a rosie and a merc.

    But near the end of the day I a got a sweet silver tone at about 6 was probably actually a little deeper than that. When I pulled it out it looked like the typical trash that we dig.
    Then I rubbed the back and realized I just dug a Silver pocket watch. It definitely made my day!!

    Turns out it's an 1890s ladies silver pocket watch attached to a silver pin. I opened the back and saw that its stamped 0.800, Swiss, a serial number and a makers mark (swiss wood grouse hallmark)

    To a watch collector, it apparently doesn't hold much value, but as a metal detectorist, it has to be one of my best finds.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Sweet! Absolutely awesome find! Very good condition as well.

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    That is beautiful! As I scrolled through the pics I first thought they were "non dug" examples but then I realized they were pics of your find. Definitely a day maker!
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    That's a beautiful watch! Love those vintage time pieces, and I'm sure they were quite expensive in the day.

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    Very nice. I would take it any day!
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    Congrats on having the find of the day, Don! That watch is INCREDIBLE! I can imagine that the woman who lost it back in the day was very upset. It is so beautiful! You can tell that the engraving on it was all done by hand. What an amazing piece!

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    Thanks absolutely beautiful! I bet there were a few tears shed losing that. Any inscriptions inside?
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    Congrats Don. Saw it on Tony Two-Cent's You Tube video. True elation on your part. No acting required!! I absolutely love this find.
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    Beautiful find. Congrats!
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    It's a real beauty Don! Congrats my friend.
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    Beautiful watch, fantastic find, congrats!!

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    WOW! Really cool find!
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    Definitely finished the day with a bang!

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    Wonderful addition to you collection!

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    what a beautiful piece! excellent find!
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    One of your better finds Don! Definitely beats a regular old Merc.

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    Nice relic for sure!
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    Wow Don!! That's a nice chunk of silver!!
    Cool old scrool work too!
    Sweet find for sure!
    Congrats!! 👍😎👍
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    Don that watch is a lOOker for sure ! very sweet find !

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