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Thread: Double broken big crotals.

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    Double broken big crotals.

    It is a shame about these, but I love finding them anyway.
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    uuugh, soo close! I love those things. I've yet to find a very large one. Can you crazy glue it?

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    Unfortunately the very top part is missing from both bells. Otherwise I might have been able to glue them. The site is terribly overgrown with briars so I will go back this winter (or spring) and try to find the rest. I have a feeling something happened and the bells crashed together. One is slightly smaller than the other, so they were on a strap together most likely. If the top did not come off the strap I may never find the rest.

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    Lots of nice frags. Definitely go back when the briars have died back this fall. There may be a whole one still waiting out there!

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    Still on my bucket list. Beginning to wonder if WI had horses......
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    Those things are cool finds..
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    The type of brass-alloy these are usually made from make them brittle similar to tombac metal and they crack and break rather easy compared to regular brass or copper. Some of these bells are very "thin walled" to in their casting and I've seen some huge examples and recovered more broken bells than whole but finding them is a great sign that there are more goodies lost nearby.

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