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Thread: A Capped Bust in an unlikely spot!

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    A Capped Bust in an unlikely spot!

    I went detecting today during my lunch break at the 1950 home where I found the wedding ring I already posted about. I found a lot of clad, about 10 wheats, a 1951 rosie and then I found a very old coin that blew my mind! A Capped Bust dime!

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    It is nearly slicked out and I put my personal mint mark on the front side...but I am very thrilled to have one. I now have 2 CB half dimes, 1 CB dime and 1 CB half dollar. Notice how it is slightly larger than the Rosie...kinda cool. The spot used to be a farm field 75 years ago and the town that it is part of was founded in 1818 and the home is about 8 blocks away from the center of this town so I imagine a farmer or worker was doing their job 150 years ago and it was lost then.

    Thanks for looking! Jared
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    You are reaping the good karma from that ring return, Jared! I bet you didn't expect to find a Capped Bust Dime there! I would look at the old aerial photos and see if there was an old house on this site previously. In the meantime, keep hitting it and good luck finding more great stuff!

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    Your good deed went well rewarded. I found out the caped busts were slightly larger when I tried to put the few I have bought in a conventional dime book, it did not work. Congrats on the great recovery. WD
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    Very nice Jared! Better condition than my 2nd seated dime! Sometimes you find the oldest or best stuff in the most unlikely places.

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    That was a nice surprise! Congrats!
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    Very nice Jared! I've yet to find my first. Still waiting on a seated half. Was present at least twice when Don dug his. Gotta pick the right side of the yard!!

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    I hope you got lots more land to check there. Congratulations on a rare find!

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    Congrats Jared! I was blown away by my CB half-dime too at a 1960s middle school. I am figuring it was a hunter back in the 1850s for I found about 10 square nails in about a 6 sq. foot area with the half dime. no other nails etc around. Your explanation above is likely 90% of the reason all of us do this for a hobby. You just never know what you will find. Congrats again!!!!
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    Wow, still on my bucket list!!
    What a great surprise that must have been!
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    You have to dig a minimum 10,000 zinc pennies before you're allowed to dig a cap bust. I hope to qualify soon. Congrats!

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    On your lunch?....C'mon man! That's awesome!

    I'll have a Capped Bust with fries and a large Coke please!

    Pretty cool!
    Congrats Jared!
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