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Thread: First hunt in while

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    First hunt in while

    Donnie B coaxed me out of my usual summer hibernation last Saturday to hit some sites he's been searching , huge nice colonials that have tons of swinging room which is unusual this time of year . We only stayed for about 5 to 6 hours due to a thunderstorm , lightning and rain . We got soaked but had a good time til then and while I didn't get my coil over any coppers I did get a 1869 shield nickel an early shoe buckle frame that I believe to be in the neighborhood of 1710 to 1720 Name:  July 27th shoe buckle .jpg
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Size:  38.5 KB from its size , frame style and lack of any real curvature . I also got my very first "saloon" token Name:  charnley token dirty C.jpg
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Size:  136.1 KBName:  charnley token dirty anchor.jpg
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Size:  99.3 KB It also cleaned up pretty well considering
    Name:  charnley token partially cleaned.jpg
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Size:  81.7 KBName:  charnley token cleaned .jpg
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Size:  133.5 KBIt turns out to be a "Charnley token" ....
    Joseph G. Charnley set up at No. 11 Orange Street (the address shown on the later Civil War token) in 1856. His trade was initially listed as a billiard saloon and later as an oyster and refreshment saloon. [Directory listings were inconsistent over a period of time, and the same businesses were often reclassified.] At No. 11 Orange Street the business he founded was to remain for about 20 years. 1859: Joseph Charnley's 29-year-old son William Henry Charnley joined the business (and was to remain until about 1876). 1862: Joseph G. Charnley died. The business was continued by William H. Charnley until circa 1876...

    Donnie pointed out the 1863 date so it can also classify as a "Civil war" era token

    other than that the 1922 dog tag was cool to find Name:  jully 27th dog tag.jpg
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Size:  67.0 KB and the deer skull Name:  July 27th  skull.jpg
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    Wow, that's pretty southeast for you guys! I'd like to find one CW token...yours is sweet!!
    "We only stayed for about 5 to 6 hours due to a thunderstorm" Slacking off?
    Huge congrats!!
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    Looks like you had a good time and that dog tags pretty cool
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    congrats !
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    Those are still some nice finds! Glad to see you're getting out at least. Great looking token for sure!

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    Definitely a "working man's" buckle, nothing fancy and purely functional. Cool token. It cleaned up well. Andre's pencils? What about the shield nickel? Great to see you hunting again. Happy digging, Dave.
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    Congrats on the early shoe buckle. HUGE congrats on your first saloon token and not only is it a saloon token but also a Civil War Store token! I enjoyed every minute of our hunt and getting out with my old buddy again. Wait a minute, maybe I'm the "old" buddy . I am really hoping that I can coax you out of summer hibernation again.
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    Hats off to all you guys that are getting out in this heat. I am still in deep summer hibernation. It might take sub freezing temps to rouse me out of this heat induced torpor. Nice buckle (of course there was a buckle) Dan. That thing has some heft to it! Very cool token!
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    Great finds. Love all of it!
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    cool token, great hunt!
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    Very nice finds Dan. So now you come out of hibernation to hunt da hood, what up yo! Bet you dug a lot of bullets, lol!
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