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Thread: A months worth of finds and a fake that fooled me...

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    A months worth of finds and a fake that fooled me...

    I did not detect very much in July and early August due to the lack of rain in my area but I managed some "new" silver coins. The one exception to the new silvers is a Capped Bust dime I already posted about...still pretty excited about it even though it is nearly slick.

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    Also found a really nice 1900 Indian that was dropped new.

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    The story of the fake that fooled me... So about 3-4 weeks ago my Mom texted me and said she found this coin at the site where last year my family and I found the 40 buttons all related to the War of 1812. I was dumbfounded. The first pics she sent me were blurry I think due to her using Samsung and I having an iPhone. Later she emailed me a few pics that were a little better and I posted these on this forum. I was pretty excited and I believed my mom (who does not believe their Mom right?). However Del pointed out a few things that were "off" and I realized he was right so I asked Tony to pull the post until I could confirm it one way or the other. This past week I was up at our cottage with my family and handled coin and it is obvious that its fake. It is supposed to be a Draped Bust silver Dollar but it is the exact same size as a Morgan and it should be a couple mm bigger. I scratched the side of it and revealed it is a silver plated pc of copper from China. There are a number of other things wrong with it too including the mirror like finish on it.

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    My Mom insists that she dug it at the site so that means that someone planted it as a joke or my Mom is joking with me. There are 2 other people who know about this site so maybe they did it? All I know is that for a day I thought that one of my kids college was paid for (well maybe a years worth anyways).

    My family and I had another great week up there this past week with a bunch of buttons and even some Native American copper artifacts that I hope to post by tomorrow.

    Thanks for looking! Jared
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    I know the dry days of July and August. Just getting out is a challenge. You are becoming the war nickel master. Should have a set by now. Congrats on all the finds. that Indian is exceptional. WD
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    nice tally of silvers Bucknut and huge congrats on the capped bust ( wouldn't matter to me how slick it is ) its still a great coin to find . The 1900 indian is quite a looker always great to find them in that shape . I was regretting to give you the bad news on the silver dollar copy (but i'm a always wanting the truth kind of guy no matter the pain it may bring ) , there are a few reasons the coin could have been there though but I appreciate you filling us in and setting the story straight sir . If nothing else its a great conversation starter !

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    Love the 1900 Indian. Wow is that crisp. Sweet finds. I haven't out much at all since July/August either.
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