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    Detecting Books

    Any recommendations on book(s) concerning the metal detecting hobby? Not necessarily a "how-to" but general info/stories.

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    There are a couple of published magazines (American Digger , Western & Eastern) that have stories and references in them , also there are a few "old timers" who have written books (some how too's , some life experiences and tips) . Anything specific you are seeking out ?

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    There is a book I got about 3 years ago. Name is Finders: Secrets of Success by T.D. Bunce. Very short stories of various peoples successes. Many of them have also had their stories told in American Digger that Del mentioned.

    I also read a few others just to pass the time. Nothing special. Go on Amazon and look under used books. Can easily find these really inexpensively or if you have Amazon Prime, you might get what you are looking for "free".
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    Thanks, good info gents.
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