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Thread: Typical Illinois Hunt for Tony One-Cent and Digger Don

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    Typical Illinois Hunt for Tony One-Cent and Digger Don

    I got out with Don yesterday for some door knocking in central Illinois. It rained on us for the 2-hour trip there but by the time we started detecting at 8:30 it had stopped. When I arrived Don had already procured a permission for us at an 1865 house! It was a beautiful old brick mansion but it had previously been abandoned and had obviously been detected before. I did manage to get an 1883 Indian Head there but that was it.

    Next we hunted in the yard of an 1880s house that belongs to a friend of mine. There I found a 1929 Merc and a spill of three Rosies.

    The last house we hunted was built in 1877 and remodeled in the early 1900s, but the owner told us it had been detected before. In less than a minute I got a deep signal that ended up being a nice 1907 Barber Dime. That's about all I found there other than a couple of wheat cents.

    Don had a decent day and found some nice coins and relics, but most of all the weather was nice and we had fun!

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    The 1883 Indian Head must have paint or tar on it.
    Name:  1883 INDIAN.jpg
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    The 1907 Barber Dime was in nice shape:
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    I was happy to get a 1929 Merc:
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    These three Rosies were together in a spill:
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    Name:  RELICS.jpg
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    Thanks for looking and happy hunting!
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