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Thread: Another surprise

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    Another surprise

    I was not going to post anything but a couple of things occurred I thought were worth sharing. First, I wanted to be the first to use the "S" word. Yes it snowed ever so lightly on Saturday (more of a wet snow), but if that was it for a few months I'll take it. Second, watching videos can be helpful. I had a Fairgrounds earmarked for some hunting this year but a visit in spring seemed to show mostly landfill. I watched a couple of videos a Wisconsin hunter posted and recognized the aerial photos he used. he hunted an area I skipped thinking it was landfill as well. he found a Walker and a Merc. Well in an hour or so I managed 6 wheats and a totally unexpected (lousy signal) Ben Franklin. I'll have to watch a few more videos. Wisconsin Digger
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    Congrats on the Franklin Half! That coin is my white whale, I have never found one in all my years of detecting.

    I'm glad your detective work revealed a productive area of that site. I bet there's more there.

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    Congrats on that great looking Franklin ! Those don't pop up often at all !

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    Great finds! That is one reason why I do not video my hunts bc someone will figure out where I am.
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    I bet you're glad you went back! Great looking Franklin!
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