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Thread: Past Few Hunts Yield Some Goodies

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    Cool Past Few Hunts Yield Some Goodies

    Hi Folks,

    It's been ages since I've posted. Mainly it's due to the fact that I haven't really found anything worth posting.

    Anyway, these are the spoils of the last few hunts. The first is a 1935 Buffalo nickel and 2 silver Rosies. (The dimes were in the same hole!)

    The token and button are from yesterday. The token is from 1868 and looks like a large cent. Anyone who might know more about it let me know. It says Greenleve Block & Co. from Galveston, TX.

    The other, I'm told, is a Civil War Infantry cuff button.

    I nabbed a 1902 Barber and a 1870 Indian Head penny from the earliest hunt in the summer.

    Hope everyone has a great hunt!

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    Nice to see a post Snapolson. Those are some pretty cool finds especially that token from TX. I think that is what is called a store card??? I think the date of 1868 puts it out of the Civil War dates. Some of them are worth some nice $$$'s. Thanks for posting
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    Great to see a post from you! It looks like you have had some nice hunts lately. That 1868 token is awesome! I hope you are able to find out more about it.

    The 1870 Indian Head is a terrific find as well. It's a scarce date that doesn't turn up very often. One of the few Indian Heads that I've yet to find.

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    Glad you're getting some digging in, Chris! Odd token to find around here. Congrats on some quality finds!
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    great finds and congrats on the unique tolen, probably a remanat of the civil war store cards. Great find WD
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