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Thread: Few more 1700s bottles today..

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    Few more 1700s bottles today..

    Hit the honey hole again...Name:  zzz nyb 1.jpg
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    You got some beauties there Calabash. If they were mine, I know one of those would be filled with my favorite whiskey.
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    Those are really cool! I am with Lodge Scent, one would be filled with whiskey. Cork it and when friends come over, pull that out.
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    Very nice bottles C.D.!
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    Best finds GW Button and John Adams Cufflink.
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    Wow , those are really cool ! Congratulations ! Do you now if they refilled those bottles for extended usage when purchasing more liquids or just tossed them ? I tend to think people were more frugal then and not so wasteful as today.

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    Wow man, those are some absolutely incredible bottles, especially being complete like that. I just love the look of mallet and onion bottles, they just scream colonial America. What type of site are you finding these at?
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    A early I dont know if they tossed them but I think some got drunk and did.
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