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Thread: Nothing but a lousy dog tag!

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    Nothing but a lousy dog tag!

    A little road trip with Don yielded only one silver but I did manage an 1883 dog tag!!
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    Oops, sideways again! Got to give something for Daddy Digger to complain about LOL! Anyways maybe the moderator can fix it for me.
    Always hoped I could find one of these from the 1800s but never expected to get number 13! Is that bad luck so close to Halloween?
    Name:  DFA13362-67BD-4EF2-8976-8D95542B4442.jpg
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    Sorry I broke my phone and Iím learning how to use a new one. Pictures will be better next time. Got what looks like a gilded pewter button, is your first license, and another pewter pendant that I have not identified yet. What a fun day!
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    Here are a couple of photos I took in the field

    Name:  OJLM7720 (2).jpg
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    Nice finds. Love that tag! Guessing #13 would have only been unlucky if the dog were still attached! LOL

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    That has to be the Oldest dog tag I have ever seen posted. Congrats on the unique find. I know the "loust dog tag" was tongue and cheek but that is a great find. WD
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    Awesome dog tag and 1800's are rarely seen found. Congrats!
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    That dog tag is amazing, Tim! I've never seen on like it! It must be very rare.

    The 1935 chauffeurs license is pretty cool too!

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    Thanks all. Been hoping for an 1800s TAG. It's my favorite find for 2019. Might make my favorite EVER.

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    Yeah that is an amazing dog tag! Very very cool!
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    Those are some pretty good finds Noah but I think the tag is an amazing find. Not just because of the age but I swear that dog is wearing pearls!
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    That's the oldest I've seen as well. I think my oldest is 1916. Nice assortment fo other goodies too! Congrats!!

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    That tag is just a great find!
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    What a great dog tag....1800's are very rarely seen posted.
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    great old tag
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    You noticed that too?!! Perhaps they are suppose to be spikes as it's a big mean looking dog on that tag!! Love to know the artist who designed it.

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    I would love to find a dog tag from the 1800's. Those are very rare and highly sought after by dog tag collectors. Great find!
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