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Thread: Comment and you have a chance to win a Hammered Medieval Silver Coin!!!!

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    Comment and you have a chance to win a Hammered Medieval Silver Coin!!!!

    Hey Diggers,
    One lucky person who comments on this thread will win a genuine Medieval Silver coin from the 1300's that I dug!

    It's simple, leave a comment. One person will be chosen at random (I swear). The winner will receive one coin just like these 4 in the picture (I have several so I can afford to give one away). When you comment just tell me which one you like the best! Drawing will be on December 1st!
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    Very generous Dave!! They are all cool but sword guy would be my choice!!
    I've never held a coin that old
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    Wow! I like that sword guy as well! Did you post these already? I think I missed it.
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    Why isn’t this thread blowing up? 3 finger guy for this guy.....

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    This is incredibly cool of you, Dave! I would also choose the sword guy. He looks like he belongs on a playing card.
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    Three finger guy is very cool too!! Couldn't hold a coin like that without getting a chill up the spine. Very cool of you!

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    Wow, Dave...thank you so much for this opportunity! I like three finger guy.

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    Thanks. This is so cool of you to do! I like all of them, but would go with sword guy!
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    Yeah 3 finger guy. But it is really a 2 finger guy. One look at him and you can tell he is obviously stoned. That second finger isn't a finger, the dude is smoking a joint.
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    Really awesome gesture. I would pick the Three Fingers Guy because he looks like a Pope. Just something about a Pope on a coin that screams old.
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    Thanks so much Dave! I love that three fingered coin. Would be an honor to hold one of these!
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