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    Pounded Park

    Went to an old park here that I know has been detected a zillion times. It was drizzling, so I thought I would see if the wet would help or hinder the search. Found some interesting items. My fav is the little monopoly car piece.

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    Nice bunch of finds! It's highly unusual to find a 2010 Kennedy Half Dollar! Those weren't produced for circulation.

    I like the Disney castle pendant too! Very cool.

    Is the ring just costume jewelry?
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    Is the ring just costume jewelry?[/QUOTE]

    I think so. Looks and feels inexpensive.

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    That's something I have never found is a monopoly game piece! I was detecting with someone (Don or Tony?) and he found the WW1 cannon piece. I would like to find one of them or the battleship! Thanks for posting and happy digging, Dave.
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    Interesting group of finds. Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice finds. A half dollar of any type is a relatively uncommon find!

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    Nice bunch of finds. The monopoly piece is cool.
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    The ring is a junker? How about the bracelet? 925?
    Good call on the Disney pendant Tony! I didn't know what that was. Just because it is turned in the picture. Still a decent bag of goodies from a pounded out site!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digger Don View Post
    Nice bunch of finds. The monopoly piece is cool.

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    It is always nice to turn up those half dollar coins. Congrats WD
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    Lots of good finds! Love to find Monopoly pieces...they're rare! Congrats!

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