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Thread: The Price VS Quality..?

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    The Price VS Quality..?

    I've seen pinpointer metal detectors on "wish" a Chinese site for purchasing all kinds of sayings at rock-bottom prices they even have incredible looking metal detectors I haven't bought but my question is there are a huge difference in pinpointer metal detectors I've seen identical detectors for $15 on one site and $100 on the next site??? I mean they're going to keep when they're on top of your target either way... so what am I missing here?

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    Your first sentence has one word that throws up a red flag for me, “Chinese”. The Chinese are notorious for counterfeiting top of the line detectors and pinpointers, by using inferior components. They also make cheap nock offs of all sorts of products from golf clubs to electronics. I would not waist my time or money buying anything from China. If you want a quality detector that is going to preform as advertised, then stick with one of the top detector companies and only buy from an authorized dealer. If you can stick to a local dealer that’s even better. Good luck.

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    I saw a review of a TaylorMade driver that was purchased off of the Wish site. Normal cost is $500 but on Wish it was about $100. At first glance it looks real but after just 3 or 4 swings the club broke! My guess is that there is nothing on Wish that is legit.
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    There's an old expression, "buy cheap, buy twice." If you buy the Chinese version then in very short order you'll be buying a Garrett (and wishing you never bought the first one).
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