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Thread: All my 2019 goods...

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    All my 2019 goods...

    Well the cold is settling in here in SE Michigan so all I can do now is look at my 2019 finds. Another fun year for me! Had a bucket list coin with the 1821 Capped Bust dime and a bucket list experience in returning that gold/diamonds wedding band. Those were pretty special for me.

    Here is a pic of my nickels from 2019. I had a personal best with 15 V niks.

    Attachment 67539

    And here are my silvers for the year...

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    And my favorites...

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    Here are my old pennies that I found last year. I found 3 Flying Eagles...all at the same park.

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    And my jewelry finds including 2 gold rings...

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    My kids and I had another fun summer digging more War of 1812 era buttons and even some copper indian artifacts.

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    Here are my final results of 2019...

    Clad: $85.14
    Indians: 37
    Wheaties: 284
    Silver: 76
    Silver Jewelry: 10
    Gold Jewelry: 3
    Favorite 2019 find: Gold wedding ring & return

    Thanks for looking! Jared

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    Well some of my pics are not showing up. So here they are again. Maybe they are too big.
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    Detectors I use: Minelab Equinox 800
    2020 Season Totals:
    Clad: $32.41
    Indians: 5
    Wheaties: 156
    Silver: 29
    Silver Jewelry: 4
    Favorite 2020 find: 1743/53 KGII Irish
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    You had an awesome year Jared! Congrats on a couple bucket listers and good luck in 2020.
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    That is an incredible year for sure!

    I love that "favorite" silver coins photo! Wow!

    I'm still looking for my first Flying Eagle and you found THREE of them! Not to mention an 1859 Fatty!

    Love the buttons, jewelry and relics too!

    Congrats on the spectacular year, Jared!
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    What a great year Jared! How funny, your FE/IH/2 center count is nearly identical to mine last year (2/8/2). All those 1812 military buttons - still amazing brother!

    Vermont relic hunting, one swing at a time.

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    Well Jared, all I can say is WOW & Holy Crap!! You had an EPIC 2019
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    Congratulations on an incredible year ! Those pictures just blow me away ! I see four bucket list coins I'll probably never dig up . Amazing !

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    Great year! That War of 1812 hunt with your kids was awesome.
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    Jared scooping up the flying eagles!! Dang!

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    Congrats on the Capped Bust and those buttons. Oh, those buttons.
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    Now that is a super haul. Well done!

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    Wow, you had a great year..lots of silver!
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    I've only ever found two flying eagles Congrats on the ring return Those buttons were ever find out why they were all there?

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    WOW what a great year you had Jared. I felt the trickle of drool looking at your photos....especially the silver one and of course the 1812 buttons. Hoping 2020 is as good if not better.
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    Great haul Bucknut! Congrats on all the finds.
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    Wow what a great year and nice photos. WD
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