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Thread: Metal frame before & after

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    Metal frame before & after

    Found this 3"x6" metal frame last week where I was finding all the colonial 1700s buttons. . As you can see it was heavily rusted, but after a 3 days in electrolysis I was able 99.9% off. It did have a silver wash or plating still on it in some places, but came off during the process.
    Is it colonial? I don't think so, as they didn't have photos then but it was common to have small paintings. So it could be but Im leaning toward 1800s

    As you can see it was broken when I found it. I think I broke it, as the break originally fit perfectly. after cleaning I sanded a small areas on the back and JB welded it. I do have plans on making a 3rd leg, that is missing on the back and put a tin type in it.
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