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Thread: Detector for my son

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    Detector for my son

    I have a problem, kind of. My last remaining brother passed away last October and I came into possession of his few belongings, one of which was an XLT that I gave him years ago. My son came home from Arizona for Christmas and I was showing him my brothers stuff. He said he would like to have a metal detector and I said he could have the XLT, that I would send it to him.
    But, the more I think about it the less I am ready to part with it. My son has had stuff stolen from his truck in the past and I just don't want to lose my brothers detector like that. So I think I would rather buy him one which brings me to the question; what machine would you get? I have looked for used XLTs without success and I don't want to put much over $400 in anything I get him. He has used a DFX before when I took him out for a couple hunts so he does know a little about detecting.
    I am considering the new Nokta Simplex.
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    If you are still interested in an XLT, I have a lightly used one that I would sell for a very reasonable price.
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