Our very own Lodge Scent has long Name:  badger.jpg
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Size:  50.8 KBI MEAN INSPIRED me to focus my detecting prowess on capturing the market on all the shoe buckles in the land ! Well at least in Connecticut !
Challenge accepted Jeff Name:  evil mr burnes.jpg
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Yesterday (Sunday) was chilly in the morning but overall still very mild here in New England and I have been trying to take full advantage of it. We had a good size group going so we picked out an area that had about three cellars and lots of overgrown farm fields and pens . Sites have been hit pretty hard over the years but with so much room to swing and wander and that many coils some of us stood a good chance to find something good .

It wasn't long Donnie and I made our way to a small little cellar on the edge of the property where I got this Name:  feb9th shoe buckle dirty.jpg
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Size:  83.5 KB not far from it its the third shoe buckle this year , second complete one when first dug but the iron quickly deteriorated once it dried out it looked like this once the initial cleaning Name:  feb9th shoe buckle .jpg
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A little later on i then find this Name:  feb9th knee buckle dirty.jpg
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Size:  77.1 KB a nice little knee buckle that my friend Ron first noticed the "shiny" Name:  feb9th knee buckle dirty home.jpg
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Size:  44.6 KB that cleaned up pretty well Name:  feb9th knee buckle cleaned.jpg
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So just to recap and to thank Jeff for his "encouragement "

Iron shoe buckle Found on Jan. 1st Name:  Jan 1st iron shoe buckle and file .jpg
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shoe buckle frame found on Jan. 12th Name:  Jan buckle cleaned.jpg
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and now these two up above !

Thanks for reading all !!