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Thread: going for the record !

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    going for the record !

    Our very own Lodge Scent has long Name:  badger.jpg
Views: 90
Size:  50.8 KBI MEAN INSPIRED me to focus my detecting prowess on capturing the market on all the shoe buckles in the land ! Well at least in Connecticut !
    Challenge accepted Jeff Name:  evil mr burnes.jpg
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Size:  17.3 KB

    Yesterday (Sunday) was chilly in the morning but overall still very mild here in New England and I have been trying to take full advantage of it. We had a good size group going so we picked out an area that had about three cellars and lots of overgrown farm fields and pens . Sites have been hit pretty hard over the years but with so much room to swing and wander and that many coils some of us stood a good chance to find something good .

    It wasn't long Donnie and I made our way to a small little cellar on the edge of the property where I got this Name:  feb9th shoe buckle dirty.jpg
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Size:  83.5 KB not far from it its the third shoe buckle this year , second complete one when first dug but the iron quickly deteriorated once it dried out it looked like this once the initial cleaning Name:  feb9th shoe buckle .jpg
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Size:  86.6 KB

    A little later on i then find this Name:  feb9th knee buckle dirty.jpg
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Size:  77.1 KB a nice little knee buckle that my friend Ron first noticed the "shiny" Name:  feb9th knee buckle dirty home.jpg
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Size:  44.6 KB that cleaned up pretty well Name:  feb9th knee buckle cleaned.jpg
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    So just to recap and to thank Jeff for his "encouragement "

    Iron shoe buckle Found on Jan. 1st Name:  Jan 1st iron shoe buckle and file .jpg
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Size:  66.1 KB

    shoe buckle frame found on Jan. 12th Name:  Jan buckle cleaned.jpg
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    and now these two up above !

    Thanks for reading all !!

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    Well looks like you are off to a great start! The only guy I can think of that might give you a run for your money for most buckles is that DaddyDigger fella....but he is over conquering Germany so your victory is almost a guarantee.
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    Yes my friend, you are indeed known in these parts as the "Shoe Buckle Badger" . The amazing thing is that I bet that many other detectorists have put their coils over the vast majority of your shoe buckles before you did. But like the badger, you have the skill to sniff them out of their hiding places when no one else could.
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    Congrats on the beautiful colonial shoe buckle! It's gorgeous! It was early on Sunday morning when I heard that very familiar phrase, "I've got a screamer over here." Sure enough, Danny digs up a gorgeous and huge shoe buckle (the one posted above). Congrats on the silver plated knee buckle too. I love the designs on both of them but, particularly, the Nail Head and Rope pattern on the knee buckle. I forgot about the older shoe buckle frame that you dug a couple of weeks ago. Many more to come!
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    Love the buckles!
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    Wow Del, you are tearing it up in true badger fashion! Well done.
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    Awesome job Dan, love them buckles!
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    Isn't that a great feeling after digging 5 or 6 inches down, then having to go deeper, thinking you now have iron, then a complete large shoe buckle turns up?? That's the best!! Congrats on some spectacular finds!

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    More great finds Dan! Congrats on the additions to your large collection!

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