As you all know, I have been learning from The Master, Danny LaMontagne, on The Art of finding Colonial Shoe Buckles.Name:  patience_grasshopper.jpg
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Size:  27.8 KB We got out Sunday with the gang to hit some colonial cellar holes. As you probably already know, The Master, dug a beautiful, huge, colonial shoe buckle and an equally beautiful silver applied knee buckle. I, The Grasshopper, stayed most of the day around the smaller cellar hole. I kept telling myself that Danny had found a shoe buckle there and a copper was surely waiting to be found. I just had to be patient and let it come to me. I didn't find the copper but I did find my 2nd complete colonial shoe buckle in the past two weeks!Name:  84814713_10216009365890577_6510113918910726144_n.jpg
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Size:  66.0 KB Here it is all cleaned up! Name:  83945752_10216014257092854_5707366019979280384_n.jpg
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Size:  56.1 KB I found a few buttons and a couple of other doo dads but nothing special. I did take a few pics of the beautiful scenery out in the woods. Name:  84466774_10216009368370639_8464385684256325632_n.jpg
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Size:  120.3 KBName:  86190121_10216009368930653_990688310525427712_n.jpg
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Size:  147.3 KB Finally, here's a group shot of all the buckles that we found Sunday. Our friend, Ron, found a really nice knee buckle that you can see in the pic.Name:  85243863_10216009368010630_5144082592412205056_n.jpg
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