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Thread: First cut half penny from 1754

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    First cut half penny from 1754

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven`t been on here in awhile. I`ve had so much heart breaking losses last year, I`m still in shock. I have started to get back in the field, to clear my head and try to relax. So hear come some good news. I`ve managed to find my oldest copper 1754 George II half penny(it`s been cut and bent so I tumbled it) I also have found a 1925 wheat and a few from the 50s. Also a sterling arrow-heart ring. A 64d quarter and a 46 rosie. I hope this year goes better than the last.
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    Great start for the year and congrats on your oldest copper! I found my first cut cent yesterday .... a 1957 wheatie that the lawn mower got. Your first is much better!
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    Nice range of finds! Hopeing your year is far better than the last.

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    Thanks man, I kind of wonder why would someone have to cut a 1/2 penny for pay back in the days.266yrs ago,must have been hard times that day.

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    Here's to better 2020 and congrats on the finds. WD
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