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Thread: Contest for War of 1812 era button!

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    Contest for War of 1812 era button!

    I am heading up to my cottage over Memorial Day to relax and plan to do alot of detecting. I have been very fortunate with this place and have found lots of examples of War of 1812 era buttons and so I thought I would make a contest so that someone else could have one of these buttons.

    The rules will be simple. Just reply to this thread and that will be your entry. I will take all the names and then pull a name out of a hat or something and that person will be the winner. 1 entry per person. I will pull a name on the 26th or so.

    The winner will get the first button I find. Ideally I hope to BARELY confirm that I found a military button and put it in a plastic baggie with the soil and NOT clean or reveal exactly what it is and then send it to the winner that way. I think that would be a bit more fun. Maybe beep the box I send it in, open it up, take your pinpointer to confirm it is in baggie, and then reveal it and do whatever you want with it (it is your button so you can do whatever you to do with it).

    If I do not find any then I will take a nice example of one from my collection.

    I think I covered all the bases. Hope I don't get sick and can't go!

    Hope you all enjoy this contest. Jared
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    I'm in for a War of 1812 button. I haven't dug one yet. Thanks for the contest!
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    Thanks for the contest! I'm definitely up for a chance to win a War of 1812 button!
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    Thanks Jared, very cool contest! Everyone knows I love old buttons!
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    Thank you for your generosity, Jared!
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    Thank you Jared. I am in! Have fun "up North" or at least that is what we call it in WI.
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