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Thread: Old log cabin/house torn down

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    Old log cabin/house torn down

    Over this last late winter, I received a permission to hunt a property that was a log cabin at one time and they built a house around it in the 1860s. I was eyeing up this one for quite a while and before I knew it, they tore the whole thing down. Here are some pictures of the remnants of the 1830s wood. There were some beams there at one time (before I got permission to be on property) that were about 15-20 feet long in one piece. Those had to be extremely heavy.

    Going to post my finds from here in another post (been detecting it for about 20 hours so far).

    I am sure we all see this, but until recently when I took up metal detecting did I care for the conservation of historical places. This one in my opinion should have been a museum or a National Historic Building.

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    A lot of time and sweat went into each of those beams! Hand hewn it looks like. There is an old barn on my next door property that dates back to the 1870's and all the beams are hand hewn and up to 47 feet long. People back in those days did not have all the leisure activities we do today that make us fat and lazy.

    Hope you find something old and silvery!
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    Yeah too bad that couldn't have been rescued. Not many homes like that left.
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