Hey Everyone,
The past few days I bench tested most of my colonial and early America coppers to see if a pattern might emerge. I'm just that bored
I used my T2 because it has a better bench VDI than the Nox. It's on a 100 scale.

*English colonials, including Irish coins. No smaller farthings.
Average- 81.0
They ranged 72 to 90.

*Draped Busts
Average- 86.1
They ranged 84 to 87

*Large Cents (no half cents)
Average- 87.9
They ranged 83 (holed) to 91

Average 86.5
They ranged 85 to 89

*William the 3rd and Will/Mary
Average- 80.9
They ranged 72 to 86

*CT Coppers
Average- 85.1
They ranged 77 to 89

*One MA copper rang at 77, three VT coppers were 82,86,86

*Wiped Coppers
Averaged 83.5
They ranged 75 to 87

Excluded large Canadian, Marividis, a beat 1680 Hibernia with crown showing rang in at overall lowest 67, and a non-dug matron which rang up overall highest at 93.

Without checking the copper content on these coins it seems the longer they're in the ground the lower the VDI?