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Thread: Bronze Age Relics, Roman & Celtic too

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    Bronze Age Relics, Roman & Celtic too

    Hello Friends,
    Here is some of my better bronze artifacts found over here in Germany. Dates range from roughly 1,600 B.C. to about 300 A.D.

    Here's the list (date ranges are approximate of course)
    Bronze Age Axe & Sickle Blade & Arrowheads ca. 16th to 10th century B.C.
    Celtic Arm Band ca. 10th to 6th century B.C.
    Celtic Bracelets ca. 3rd to 1st century B.C.
    Celtic/Roman Rings ca. 1st to 3rd century A.D.
    Roman Goddess ca. 3rd century A.D.
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    Oldest Coin: 100-60 BC Gallic Coin (Sequani Tribe)
    Oldest Silver Coin: 1156 Pfennig from Bavaria, Germany
    Oldest U.S. coin: 1805 Draped Bust Large Cent
    Best Coin EVER: 1625 Escalin from Chateau Renaud, France
    Best Relics: ca. 14th C. Spur, 1500 B.C. Bronze Arrowheads & Spearhead
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    Impossible for me to pick a favorite. They are all outstanding finds.
    Oldest find: 5,000 year old copper spearhead
    Oldest coin: 1699 William III halfpenny
    Purdiest coin: 1832 Capped Bust quarter
    Coolest find: USA button with blue threads still on shank

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    That copper axe is my favorite. Lots of museum quality finds!
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