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Thread: Thanks for leaving me one!

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    Thanks for leaving me one!

    I got out with Don and later our buddy Mark. The very 1st yard Don gets his two cent wish answered. But at least I got a barber dime (1902 O). Then we traded sides of the yard and I got my first fatty Indian (1860)! Almost all of our finds came from that yard. Did get a another Indian later in the day and then the last yard of the day got a Mercury dime and a token. Great day! Name:  5970EB88-7BF8-4F94-B7E1-28F96B1F889E.jpg
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    Very cool finds Tim! Id bet that spoon bowl with the ferris wheel came from the 1893 Worlds fair.
    Nice Fatty!!!
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    Nice collection of silver! The purple IHP is a rare find . That spoon bowl is very cool.
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    Congrats on your first FATTY Indian Head, Tim! I'm glad I showed you how to find one last time.

    You had a great day with lots of nice finds! I really love that silver spoon bowl with the giant ferris wheel on it. It is definitely from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago!

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    Well done on the fatty indian! And you managed an O mint mark coin too! Great hunt
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    Congrats on your Fatty, Noah! Nice ID on the spoon, guys. I guessing you searched the area like crazy trying to find the handle.

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    Thanks everyone it was a great day. Now if I could just find a colonial copper.
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    Very nice Watch Fob.
    XP Deus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnie B View Post
    Very nice Watch Fob.
    I’d like to find one with the watch still attached but thanks.

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    Congrats on the Eatty and the rest of the finds. WD
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