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Thread: Hunting with Digger Al & Noah GREAT DAY

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    Hunting with Digger Al & Noah GREAT DAY

    I was finally able to get Digger Al out for a day. We met up with Noah, hit a couple of houses in town and then spent the rest of the day hitting farm houses.

    In town I dug a 1904 barber dime, a tiny sterling ring and my first Indian of the day.

    We had an usually great day at the farm houses. I dug six more Indians, a clipped Largie, A model T key, a another sterling ring, this time with stones and 7 wheats.
    These are my finds for the day
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    Name:  IMG_6477 (2).jpg
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    These are Al's finds for the day!
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    Name:  IMG_6503 (2).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_6500 (2).jpg
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    Any Ideas on what kind of button this is or it's age?
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    We dug 7 Indians and 7 Wheats each
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    Wow! 14 Indian heads?!!!! That's a crazy total! You guys were in some old yards! It looks like Al's 1865 Indian has a story to tell.

    You each had a Barber Dime too. Awesome!

    Too bad the date is clipped from your Large Cent but its still a nice find.

    Congrats on the awesome day!
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    14 is a ton of Indians but I am so use to seeing you find Indians it seems pretty typical. Great finds for everyone. Congrats WD
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