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Thread: Best find in my 3 years of detecting

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    Best find in my 3 years of detecting

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    Sure enough, this story starts out with a for certain I was digging a nickel, and instead unearthed a ring. 32nd degree double eagle Scottish rite Masonic ring. My first Gold (14k), and my first heart pounding, while metal detecting. Sure did clean up nicely, and the lady at the jewelry store made it a circle again. Was a little lopsided. No name on the inside, which would have been pretty neat to return it. Just thought I'd share.

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    WOW!! Super pretty!! Any idea how old??
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    That's a monumental find, Moose! Did the jeweler say if the stone is real?
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    Wow! Whata find!
    They don't come around too often, but I love those heart thumping finds too!
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