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Thread: Any Teknetics G2+ detectorists out there?

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    Any Teknetics G2+ detectorists out there?

    Looking to know if I'm all alone in the G2+ world. Would be nice to hook up and bounce info, questions, or experiences off of each other. Thanks!

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    Hey Moosapalooza, I know Illinois is like the size of all New England but are you near any of the Illinois crew from this site?
    I bet you'd have a blast if you could meet up with them... except that Tony guy...stay away from him!
    I don't recall anyone running that exact detector though. Hope you find someone.
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    Moose and I have been detecting together several times. He's my nephew, by marriage. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Two-Cent View Post
    Moose and I have been detecting together several times. He's my nephew, by marriage. :-)
    Well, then he HAS to detect with you.
    Couldn't have a better teacher!
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    Couldnt agree more OxShoeDrew. I've questioned Uncle Tony (by marriage) to death over this hobby. Lol. Always is super nice in responding. Very hard to Wow him. Lol. After all of his amazing finds (seen some...AMAZING), as you all know, but he sure is happy for me when I'm excited about something. Hes the best. I'm going to get me one of those Minelabs someday. I dont necessarily like being the only one that swings a G2+. Lol. Lots to learn yet. That's for sure. But I'm a trooper. I'll get there

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