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Thread: Another Trip to the 1833 Cabin Site

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    Another Trip to the 1833 Cabin Site

    Saturday morning we headed out for another 5 hour hunt at the cabin site. It had rained for the past three days, but the field was surprisingly not bad at all. Probably due to the sloping hill that the cabin was built on. We took a couple of local friends out there with us this time, Tom (Hiluxyota) and Mark.

    We all did very well and together we dug another 32 buttons. Thats 77 total for the last 3 hunts!!!
    I dug 8 buttons, one of which was another 1820s silver plated militia button. I have found one on each hunt. This one was the best so far!

    1820s Militia botton
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    Tiny little cuff button
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    After the field we hit one farm house lawn and I dug theses!!
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    Great finds Don. I am very jealous of that button with the London back mark too! But I am very happy for you and your successes!
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    What a site! Nice finds

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    Love that militia button. Some really sharp IHPs too.
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    Those are some amazing buttons! Very historical. That Indian is in great shape too!
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    Awesome Eagle button.
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    Nice job Don. Watched it on your YouTube channel too. Looks like it was a great time.
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    Love that button!
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    Congrats on the militia button, thatís a beauty!
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    the silver plated militia button (officer's) is awesome Don
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    What a haul, Don! The Indians look out of sight in your part of the country! Sweet military button too!
    Congrats, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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