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Thread: Bucket, Worst Coins Ever Dug AND DATED

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    Bucket, Worst Coins Ever Dug AND DATED

    I've completed my state coppers set. I have CTs, VTs (country), MAs, and now a NJ. Can anyone see the date?
    The seated dime is 1853 with arrows ...and the Indian is not datable...I'm guessing it's an 1877
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    that dime lost its battle with a lawn mower the Jersey is a 1787 from its looks , congrats
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    A couple of sad looking coins there Drew. But finding a bucket lister saved the day.
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    I think you need to turn down the power on your coin tumbler, Drew.

    Congrats on the NJ copper! Completing the state coppers is an incredible achievement!

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    Don't think I stand a chance completing a state copper collection. Perhaps a complete set of Mercury dimes. Congrats!

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    oopha on the SL, that's not gonna buff out...LOL. WTG on completing the state coppers. I still have yet to find a MA or VT.
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