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Thread: NOX gets me over the hump

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    NOX gets me over the hump

    I am pretty sure if I had not got the NOX figured out I would not of made it to 100 silver this year. Since November 1st the NOX has found 29 silver coins. It is truly an amazing machine. Got out 3x's this Holiday weekend and managed to get 11 silvers to sneak me over 100 silver for the year. Today I hit an old Park in the town I grew up in. I believe I mentioned this a couple of years back that the park has a swimming hole that back in the day would get dredged from time to time and the old sand was used as fill around the Park. I found some of these fill areas a few years back and was able to find several old black silvers. Today I took the NOX to one of the areas ( I have pounded this spot with the ETRAC) and found 6 coins of which 4 were silver. 3 Rosies and a Merc & 2 of the old swim tags I thought were silver quarters. These coins were definitely over 10"s down in a real sandy mix. The NOX has tremendous depth. On the 3 hunts I got 2 Barber dimes, 3 Mercs, 6 Rosies and 11 wheats. Looking forward to next year as I can revisit all my old spots with the results I have seen this fall. Wisconsin Digger. Also found 3 small silver rings but forgot the pic.
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