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Thread: Oops, I did it again. Eagle and Cannon!

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    Oops, I did it again. Eagle and Cannon!

    I went solo this weekend for a few hours. I thought all of my buddies were on a road trip farther North and I had to get out. I wrestled with going out up until the last minute loading up the truck. I'm glad I did. I found six buttons including a Cuff Sized 1814 - 1821 Eagle and Cannon Artillery Corps button. It's so tiny and beautiful. I also found another 1821 - 1830's Eagle A Coat Sized button that's toasty but it's a different backmark again. I have now dug three of those at the site and all three have different backmarks.Name:  139054146_10218656762033826_7503044711863206869_n.jpg
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    Knock it off would ya, save some for us, lol! WTG Buddy!
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    Your killing it!
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    As Calabash says in his are starting to hurt feelings. More great finds Donnie B.
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    Wow, I'd like to find one of those types of cannon corps buttons...ever!
    Keep it up!
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    Two eagle cannon "corps" buttons now ?? Name:  george.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by del View Post
    Two eagle cannon "corps" buttons now ?? Name:  george.jpg
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    Yep. That's the second one. The first one that I found with you was coat sized. This one is a cuff sized one and was just a whisper in 28khz. I'm really stoked that I have two different sizes now.
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