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Thread: Minelab SE Pro settings for beach? HELP!

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    Minelab SE Pro settings for beach? HELP!

    I'm a New England woods and fields Colonial relic hunter but find myself as a fish out of water Florida for the next week. I've actually never detected on a beach. I have my Minelab SE Pro with me and will dust off my Andy Sabisch book, but any help appreciated on settings for this machine on the beach. I may try some dry sand and hard pack at low tide but won't be going in the water. If I find one junker ring I'll be happy. Thanks!

    Minelab Equinox 800, SE Pro
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    I'm not much of an expert but I do know it is different settings for dry sand and wet sand. I'm sure there are videos on YouTube that show you the settings for each. Good luck and I hope you find some of that shipwreck silver washed up!
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