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Thread: NMC Cadet Button

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    NMC Cadet Button

    Found this button a week or so ago on a confederate site I've been hitting for about 4yrs. It's my rarest civil war button. Haven't attempted any cleaning.Name:  Screenshot_20210226-161434.jpg
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    Trying to add shank pic won't upload for some reason
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    That's a pretty cool button. Hopefully it has some gilt left on it.
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    WOW!!! Such a wonderful find! Will you attempt to clean it? Let us know how you do it and what the results are.
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    Thanks, It is an exciting find for me on a site I've hunted alot that will soon be lost to neighborhood development.
    The Nashville Military College was only in existence from 1855 to 1861. I'm pretty sure I know which local militia unit camped at this site prior to a battle about 8 miles away. I'm hoping I can find an NMC cadet roster and compare it to the local militia more piece of the puzzle. As far as cleaning it, I'm gonna let it dry thoroughly before I think about cleaning, I will revisit it in a few weeks and have have a look at how much dirt flakes on its own, our clay here flakes off well as it dries.
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    That's an awesome button. Great find!
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    What a nice relic and piece of American history

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