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Thread: First Hunt of the Year.

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    First Hunt of the Year.

    I met up with Tony Two-Cent & Noah Saturday for our first hunt of 2021. They both had a pretty good day. Me, not so much. But it was still great getting out after a crappy winter!!

    I got a 12-46 high tone at about 5 inches. I dug a 5" plug and to my surprise i pull out an 1888 Indian, then I pulled out about 5 nails. I re-swept the hole and the high tone was still there.
    2" Below the Indian, I pulled out a clad quarter. Very strange!
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    Good to see you boys out there swinging again after all the snow and frigid temps as of lately , congrats on the first indian of the year Don

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    I would take any of those finds Don. Congrats a great hunt for you guys. Hope there is some video. WD
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    Good to see you out digging again Don! I know you guys had a cold winter. It was very nice of you to let Noah and Tony dig all the silvers. You know how they cry when they don't find any! Only a few more months and then we'll be out road tripping!
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    The first of many great hunts this year! So odd about the quarter below the IH. Any thoughts as to why?
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    So weird finding a clad quarter and an Indian Head in the same hole! We had a fun day of detecting together, Don! Let's do it again soon. There are a lot more old coins and relics out there waiting for us to find them.
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    Yes, that was a weird way to get your Indian!

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