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Thread: Visit to a battlefield of 1806

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    Visit to a battlefield of 1806

    Hello all,
    I would like to take this opportunity to do some advertising for Germany. Maybe someone wants to travel here.
    I was the last days in Central Germany on the way and do vacation. I had left the detector at home. The forests are also uncomfortable at that time as you can see on the picture.
    The pictures show the village and castle Kapellendorf near Weimar. A lot of history in this area.
    Most famous is the battle of Jena and Auerstedt 1806 where Prussia had an envious defeat against Napoleon. In the castle was the Prussian headquarters. The battle raged in the fields around the village.Almost 48000 dead and wounded at the end of the day.
    On the hill where the tablet stands, the Prussians and Saxons launched their last desperate counterattack. It was the last position before the line broke.
    The plaque translates roughly as: Here on 14 October 1806 the last heroic attack against Napoleon took place. Those who sow with tears will reap with joy.

    I hope I could give a good impression.

    Greeting Dave
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    Very nice pictures and story Dave. I would gladly detect that forest though! All my best finds come from the forest.
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    I'd LOVE to detect in Germany! Thanks for the nice pictures!!! Very envious here
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    Yes Dave I saw that. Really great. Congratulations. I read that you are leaving Germany soon. Too bad. A joint hunt would have been fun. I am more specialized in fields because I especially hunt coins. But it is true. I too have found the best things in the forest. One reason will be that in the numerous wars much was hidden in the forest. But this is only a theory. How is it in the USA? Are there treasures that are known from the Revolution or Civil War? I can imagine that many hid their valuables from Sherman's army as they marched to the sea.

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