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Thread: Triple bucket list day!!

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    Triple bucket list day!!

    If there is one thing I have learned in the last few years is to be patient and trust my research. It is paying off this year.

    1. My first shield nickel and I almost threw it in my garbage part of the bag for I thought it was an knockout from an electrical box. For giggles, I took a soft bristled toothbrush and very slowly started at it. Then I caught the "5" in the light while holding the coin a certain way. Of course you think to yourself, did I really see that? These pictures are of it mostly cleaned up. If there is anything magical I can use to do more, I am all ears.

    2. My first large cent (1845). While many of you get these all the time, finding one in WI isn't the easiest thing to do. Cut the plug and it was dead center when I lifted the plug. Glad my shovel didn't hit it. Name:  front buckle.jpg
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    3. 3.25" x 2.375" buckle with the name of GutHeil H Loecker engraved on the front side. Tried my best to find this guy, but not in anything I can find in history books/online etc.

    4. I have always wanted to find a Civil War era hard times token and got one. Bucknut should have found this one since it is from his state.

    5. If anyone knows what language the triangle object is, please let me know. I cannot figure this one out at all.

    There is a lot of land to swing on here, but all these items came from around the old barn area that must have burned down and someone spread all the nails evenly with a rake and stated to themselves "good luck future metal detectorist".
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